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Why listen to it? That song is for emos, homos, and girls.

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Shit... that was amazing.
The only thing I can say is work on those solos, they were the only parts in the song that were bad.
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the solos are meant to be like this... out of scale

The problem is not that they are out of scale, they are just... not good, just random notes, like you insisted to have solos.
Awesome song with great riffs.

I love the tremolo picking at bars 23 and 24.

Bars 51 to 53 of the 1st solo need more work but the rest of the solo is very good

Bars 132 to 147 are amazing

Nice job!
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Good job on most of it.

The riffs themselves were great, nothing wrong with them, they were just very metalcore. The thing with metalcore is that to stand out now you have to be VERY different otherwise you just blend in with the rest of the 'amateur metalcore' bands.

Riff A was good however. V1 was really good as far as metalcore goes, and the lead really fits in well with it.
I loved the pre-chorus. It was simple, yet effective. Nice . The way the chords go under the Arpeggiated D was really nice, and worked well as a pre-chorus. But I think it would work better as a pre-chorus.

Solo1, two notes in bar 51 were a semitone out of key. The two B notes in bar 51 should be A#, and the B just made it sound terrible. The rest of the solo was so-so. Wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything spectacular, however, it fit in with the song.

The Bridge/Breakdown was fairly standard, and was very predictable. The two f#'s in bar 117 were also out of key and should be F notes. The rest of the second solo was also average.
Solo 3 is where it starts getting good. It was brilliant. And the harmony was great. However, I suggest adding a third guitar and harmonising the lead line in 3rds within the D scale. The lead line, the second guitar an octave lower and the third guitar harmonising in 3rds would sound great. But that's just my opinion.

The rest of the song was repeats of the pre-chorus/chorus etc, so not alot to say without repeating myself.

All in all, good song. Just try and make it more interesting, put more styles in there. The more styles you have in your playing, the more unique you'll be as a musician and as a songwriter.

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EVen though the solo's out of scale it still works for me...
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Wow Intro riff is damn good!. Verse 1 sounded okay but when the palm muting stopped it flowed well. The Pre chorus rocks hard Man lyrics around that part would kill lol. The Chorus is amazing and makes the song shine and stand out. Great job with the solo and I really don't mind solos being out of key lol. Omg the solo around the prechorus is fantastic!. Solo 3 is woah! :O very very sweet .

9/10 Very Well Done!

I can't think of any cons or criticism. Very nice work!.

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This was really good. The only downfalls are (IMO), solo 2, and just that I don't like having to many solos. I think there should only be solos when it adds a significant amount to the song, and you have to many to pull that off. Oh, and the breakdown of course. It's not easy to pull those off anymore with out it just being completely boring.
But, past all that. The riffs were really good. You certainly made it more complex and original than most metalcore.

The First riff is Amazing O.O
The Solos are nice but nothing special

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Firstly, thanks very much for the crit.

I shall crit yours as I listen...

Awesome intro. Reminds me of August Burns Red and As Blood Runs Black (this is a good thing). Verse is good but not overcomplicated, so vocals will go in well. It was good until the 1st solo which was good but a little awkward sounding. The bridge was good, and not too generic. The 2nd solo was cool, and I really like that 'harmony' riff. Solo 3 was awesome. Good work with drums thoughout, especially in the bridge after solo 3. Riff A worked nicely as an outro as well. Awesome piece of work. 9/10.
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i love the lead guitar line in the two bars before the first pre - chorus
overall i thought it was really cool
nice one
I really liked this man...very in flames-ish like in the colony/clayman era which in my mind is awesome. The only part that stuck out to me that needed some tweaking was solo 2...something sounded off about it. Vocals would definitely hit this one home...especially with the number of repeats and what not....but each of the rhythms were well written and kept it interesting. All in all very nice work!