Right now I have 2 shitty amps and an alright electric dean. My question is what is the best way to play on the computer, line 6 has this deal that you get one for like 30 bucks.

Also, where is there such a thing as getting a Gibson Les Paul without ridiculously over paying?
I use an M-Audio Fast Track USB to lay my sh*t down on Ableton, and it works fine for me.

And no, there is no such thing as getting a Gibson Les Paul without ridiculously overpaying.

It's just like PRS. You're paying for a name. Personally, I won't pay over 1g for a guitar.

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i guess your talking about the tone port stuff? dont know too much about that...i know that line6 makes pods, which are pretty good, especially the higher end ones, but i think the best one they have will go for around 500 unless you know where to find it...and as for the les paul, yes...find a used one
I just bought an XT for 200 from daddys junky music.
Its pretty awesome and tweakable too
it pumps out everything I ever wanted so far, but i only played for like 5 months