Im looking at buying a new head at the moment, I've found the one I want however it's power rating is 120 watt when my cab is only 100 watt. Would this be to much of a problem? Im not going to be turning the volume up to max so...
Yes, it would be a problem. Never run a head that has more power then the cab, you're speakers will probably blow no matter what you have your volume set at.
your fine. chances are you're not gonna put the volume pass 6. your ear would bleed before your speaker pops. which shouldn't happen if the volume never hit max
I bought a B-52 AT 412 cab from MF. It is rated at 480 watts and costs $399. I play a Rivera K-TRE 120 threw it. This cab sounds great for my metal style. I have played really loud threw it and thoose speakers give no hint of farting out and sound tight and punchy. They handle the tre's massive low end no problem. I think this cab is a real steal. It can run 4or 16 ohms mono and 8 ohms stereo.
Thats because cab ratings can be higher than head ratings and itll be fine, but not the other way around.
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Well in that case could anyone recommend me a 100 watt valve head for around £300-£400, or maybe SS. I want a beefy rock tone, think AC/DC to Led Zeppelin.
I've have seen a cheap AD100VTH, but I'm slightly worried that it'll sound to digital, I'm going to go try it tomorrow along with others.
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