Christmas is a-comin and I can finally get a new amp.
I tried out this one at a music store and liked it.
Fender 212r Transitor

My guitar teacher already told me that I'll have to face the fact that it will probably die on me within 5 years because it's "made in China" and because of it's massive 100 watts, I will never be able to get the end-game distortion levels when playing at home.
But it's so nice
A good combo in the 200-350€ price range would be great. !Distortion with the possibility of a lot of gain is a big factor for me!

I'm also gonna send back my Boss Metal Core pedal because it's too much for me to handle, the distortion gets waaaaaay out of hand and will probably get me a wah-wah or something nice/funny for like half the price.

Good idea?
You can do better for the price. 212rs are pretty bad IMO, and 100w SS is too much. Go for a Handsome Devil combo by Blackheart or maybe a Blackstar HT-5. Im not sure about gain levels, but I think the Blackstar will be the higher of the two. Either way, I suggest using the money from your Metalcore to get an Overdrive, maybe a Boss SD-1. Run it thru an already dirty amp for a good gain boost.
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yes - your second choice is MUCH better.

i have a FM212 and i'm selling it. I got it cheap and wanted it for cleans and death metal. The only thing it does well at now is as an amp stand for my Peavey.

At least you don't use it as a door stop