I've been searching frantically for one in stores but can't find one, so I'm trying to look online but I have no idea what to search for. Anyone remember these? They're cloth like, usually beige or a type of brown, they kinda hang and it's got buckles and stuff all over it. If someone could label the type of style or even a brand, that would be great. Thanks. (Bad paint picture attached)
It looks like every messenger bag they sell at Hot Topic.


No, but seriously. Hot Topic.
i think u should spend ur money on drawing lessons instead of a messenger bag

see what i did there?

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That image really cheered me up. I can't help you, but I do feel better.
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Just get a regular backpack, its much more practical. Unless you really wanna be "trendy" that bad.

They are becoming more popular though, and when everyone has one it kinda defeats the purpose of being trendy doesn't it?
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i think u should spend ur money on drawing lessons instead of a messenger bag

see what i did there?

ahhh i see what you did there
you are very tricky....

and if you are trying to be trendy probably just go to a thrift store, umm you can buy ones like that made out of hemp online
but hemp things dont ususally last that long.

Thats what your looking for.
They actually aint that trendy....BUT they are the most useful pack you will ever find. And they dont break/ rip/ tear/ etc...

Ive got one that was my grandpa's back in the day, and it looks brand new. (I use it for hunting, camping, canoeing, etc)

oh... on a side note.... they are expensive....
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