So a few months ago i started a walnut rg7 build..anyone remember?


now its back!

NEW specs :
-Black walnut 2pc salvaged body
-1pc Brazilian mahogany neck
-Ebony fretboard, 24 jumbo frets with side dot marker inlays only
-13' headstock with 7 inline tuners
-grains on the body do NOT flow or match 'well'. this is intended, and should add something a little different to the look of the guitar. i could have split each wing piece and bookatched them for two seperate projects..but NO! i wanted a nice thick mahogany body with an abstract top
-BKP nailbomb and alnico coldsweat
-hipshot/Gotoh hardtail bridge
-volume, tone and 3 way controls.
-angled barrel jack

-ergonomically modified RG7 body
-asymmetric neck profile (i actually did this about a year before the new les paul standard had it, theiving bastards! haha)

Can I get a hell yeah!!!

This will be sweet, 27" scale please?

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sweet, i agree with the 'mung
moar pics
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assymetrical neck profiles have been around forever, one of SRVs strats has one, the one i played did anyways. its a great idea, i dont give a shit if your shit doesnt stink, no one has perfectly symmetrical hands/palms.
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Plus goddamn one!

That's a beautiful looking body man, I hope the neck looks just as nice
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theres a slight problem with the neck wood

its not "new" wood, its some that was given to me and it seems to get the length i want..ill have to have to use some that has been feathered together..but its not too obvious so it should be okay
and strong, as im gonna use some aluminium neck reinforcement too
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I remember those burls, looks fantastic man!

i have one of those, but grown up

also, sweet looking guitar TS
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