I'm going to buy my first half stack when I get the money and was wondering what you guys thought was the best amp to get the rhythm sound from the Stratovarius Dreamspace album and the Brown Sound.

Soldano SLO100
Marshall 1959SLPX
5150 III

Marshall cab with Vintage 30's or G12T-75?

Thanks for the feedback.
the soldano is the best amp, im not sure what your playing, but that soldano is awesome
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I mostly play Van Halen, Stratovarius, and Metallica type stuff. I want a amp that is thick sounding yet clear. I want the Soldano the most. I know the 6505 has the most gain but its so fuzzy sounding so I don't want that. I don't think I want a Dual Recto or its cab either. My guitar is a Les Paul.
You can't go wrong with an EVH 5150 III or a SLO.
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then whats the problem? get the soldano

No problem, was just wondering what everyone else thought.