Well, my Cube is dying. It still works, but its kinda trying to prolong the inevitable. It knows its near, but doesnt want to accept it. Hehehe.

Anyway, when it finally goes ka-put, I want to replace it with a medium to high-end SS. I was browsing and saw this:

Tech 21's 60W


It seems like it would be pretty neat for practice, and it could probably hold its own if it had to.

I dont know if I should go for the 1x12, or the 2x12?

I've researched it a LITTLE bit, still reading up on it.

But what's UG's opinion on this amp?
It sounds good to me honestly.
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Tech 21 is apparently a pretty good brand of SS amps. (I've never heard of ''em until now).

I've yet to try one in person, but based on reviews, I'm willing to take a leap of faith. I've seen a few Google and YouTube vids, they seem pretty good.
Tech 21 is not really popular but they make the best equipments. Go for it.

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Tech 21 is not really popular but they make the best equipments. Go for it.

Tech 21 is pretty popular as a brand of modellers/poweramps?

I haven't tried the trademark 60, but I've tried the power engines with the sansamps - it was quite nice. I'd recommend them on tone, but the price is a bit steep for practice, so personally I couldn't justify the extra cost of the 212.