Hi guys i found this amazing deal on a J5 triple tele on the internet. i emailed the person and asked about it this is what they said
Dear (my name not telling XD)

Thanks for your patronage and interest in our product.

We have the Fender Artist Series J5 Triple Tele Deluxe Electric Guitar
in stock,They are brand new comes with complete accessories,packaged
in original box also with 1 year international warranty and 90 days
return policy.

Fender Artist Series J5 Triple Tele Deluxe Electric Guitar=====$400usd

shipping cost is =============$50usd

total cost is================$450usd

We ship our goods within 48 hours via FEDEX / DHL/ UPS from Hong Kong
to your doorstep after confirmation of payment via Western Union Money
Transfer. Upon which we issue you (TRACKING NUMBER/AIRWAY BILL) to
enable you trace/track your goods on transit before it get to your

Kindly get back to us with your full shipping address so that we can
get your order package and label it for shipment.

We await your quick response.


this person

But isnt a J5 triple tele for 450 too good of a deal? i mean if it was used but they said it was brand new. Also shipping from Hong Kong cant be that cheap. Isnt shipping a guitar more expensive that 50? what u guys think
No... but

but in all seriousness. Yeah, it's a scam. Don't ever send money via Western Union. Especially when the person is out of the USA. Let me guess, found this on craigslist? Scam man, don't do it.
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Its shipping from Hong Kong...


Did I spell that right?
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i'd probably stay away from it.
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Payment through Western Union is always a scam. ALWAYS.
Hong Kong for $50 is a tip-off as well, given that shipping within the US on guitars would usually run for that much. If they mention shipping from outside the US, it may or may not be a scam (usually is) but it's still best to avoid it.
I'll put it this way, if it wasn't a scam, I'd have bought it before you were able to even see it.
kkkkk thanks to all no J5 for 400 i guess

what the...
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No... but