I've been trying to get idea's to write some lyrics for a piece on acoustic(1 year experience) I came up with....Did something I've never done before and went out and sat through some readings(poems...I guess) and could'nt relate at all what was going on. These folks had emotion oozing out of their ears...which isnt a bad thing if you write I suppose...but they were portraying it in a way that I didnt know what the heck they were talking about(most likely due to me being a complete noob to poetry & writing).
Anyways, still lyric-less and decided to get some experience writing so I greatly exagerrated my experience in this writing(not a song)...Been reading this forum for the last couple of days so I know what's coming a tongue-lashing critc from h-e double L! which I need to become better at writing...rip away

(no title)

Door chimes (ring)... it notifies em someone's there,
"OH"! "OVER HERE SIR"!((leave me alone))"COME ON IN"!
"You'll have an excellent time here- grab a chair, it's a nice place"
"We share all of our works with one another face to face"

Not really sure what to make of it,
((sad, tired, heavy clothed, pale looking people in the back
dark rooms filled with choking smoke- all the tables are black))
Ease up, I came here to give it a try, break out of my shell- trying to keep an open mind

Several people have seemed to confess to the crowd from their souls,
some in rythmm, some not-((can't seem to grasp it))-too many holes
bizarre scenario's are played out from their mouths,
love, hate, peace and gloom are the themes
is it act? is it show?((have they experienced these things?))

Time to ease out, carefully quiet- just not my kind of thing
the overly out going person at the door just offers the slightest glare
weird considering before, focused on the stage- has eyes like... nobody's there.

The door chimes(*ring*)...much louder this time, feeling followed.. glance back... they never noticed- still inside
Ahhhh...fresh air, life's so much better outside
no need to stay closed and confined with in, no need for a jacket
on the coldest day the sun touches the skin