I like the smell of my pillow
It makes me feel at home
And I'd like it even more
If it smelt like you alone

I like the leaves in Autumn
The way they crush under my feet
I think I'd like them even more
If you were to walk alongside me

I like the way on Halloween
Fireworks light up the sky
But I wouldn't need any of that
'Cause they go off when you smile

I like taking the train
And playing 'The Notebook Theme'
If I knew how to compose
I would write you a symphony

I like how this poem to you
Is so over the top cliche
I like thinking of me reading
It again on our wedding day

But I hate how I can write this
And not give you a name
'Cause I haven't found you yet
I'll wait here patiently.
Eh, it had a really "roses are red, violets are blue" sense to it... I dunno, man.