Hey, I'll keep this short and sweet.

I'm relatively new to guitar, started last christmas, hence my join date, and I'm slowly but surely learning.

I have this pedal, the GFX-3, hooked up to a Titan Strat-copy, and a Daphon 3 watter, all of which shown:


This, but an electric, looks like a fender:

Amp, again, 3 watts:

So that's my setup. I got the Pedal for $80 Canadian, when it was bought brand new for $250. The only setback is the middle button, #2 on the front is broken off, but it still rests on there fine and is in perfect working order.

So is this a good pedal? Do I need a new amp or guitar? Or is it fine? Any tips would be appreciated!

P.S Do new strings REALLY affect the tone of the guitar?
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I think most of UG would suggest a new amp first. Probably a tube amp.
If you dislike your guitar you could get a new one too. But the amp will be important.
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Yeah, I'd definitely say get a new amp first. Just find out what kinds of amps your favorite bands use and start researching from there. The pedal is fine..once you learn a little bit more about guitar and such you may decide to tinker with it and try to fix it...otherwise it's just fine. Your guitar should last you for quite a while until you get more technique and start playing longer/more seriously. Until then..welcome to UG