Ok well, theres this girl that ive been talking to and we've been flirting + hanging out and w/e, i was getting ready to ask her out today but i find out right before to do it that she isnt interested anymore (one of her friends told me). The thing is, we talked about a relationship like a week ago and she was cool with it, but she just wasnt ready.....yet! But the past few days she has been pretty much brushing me off, and now i find out she doesnt wanna go out.... why do you guys think she would all of a sudden change her mind?? I didnt do anything to offend her. No stupid comments please
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No stupid comments please

You fail.

Realistic opinions please!

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you got into the friend zone. there's no turning back from there

Theres no way we are in the friend zone though, ive been making sure of it.
She was probably stalling by saying she wasn't ready. My guess is she was never interested, she just didn't want to make you feel bad.
Next time, take it to the Relationship Thread.
Umm i've had that experience before...Some girls just enjoy the attention. Well girls will be girls i guess, or she likes someone else.

Move on...She's not too worth it..
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yes we all need answers to xboys questions hurry up goddam it

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girls are retarded.
they don't date the dudes they know a little bit about, yet they wonder why all the dudes they date are dicks.
it's not hard to figure out girlies.
As long as you are a straight male seeking a normal female, you will always be confused.

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typical pit answere: rape her

my answere: rape her lol just stay freinds,relationship thread next time fool
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ask her!!!!
for god sake the pit has **** all advice for you! why would we know this girl?

I wasn't asking for a ****ing biography on her, I was asking why she might do this. Get your facts straight before posting.
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As long as you are a straight male seeking a normal female, you will always be confused.


thats the truth right there.
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