so there is this guy who keep stealing my stuff. i mean, its really pissin me off. we've been hanging out since our freshmen year. so, the pit, what do you think i should do? (besides kicking him in the ass)
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you skipped a step,

steal back, kill, THEN rape

You have too many steps... just rape.
Some guy used to do that to me.

Then I got mad and stole all his stuff.
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well it's a good thing i'm cumming blood...that way no one will get pregnant
DOn't let him into your house and tell him to stay out or else your going to rape him.
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i just want to let you know that made my day.

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You've been hanging out since your freshman year? You're in your freshman year.
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Fap! no, wait! i mean rape!
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Tell him to stop and give back your stuff? If he doesn't just tell someone.
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besides kicking him in the ass

why would you take away the best option?
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