Heres another metalcore song, check out


The Song Above is basically the "prelude" to this song.

Crit 4 Crit!

Its a little more generic then my last one, but none the less its not the same as every other metalcore song these forums.
Blood On Your Hands.zip

Yes, poop.
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I like so far

its not that generic till the verse
a little melodic


I like the chorus

then when it goes back into trans it sounds pretty good

bridge is interesting at the end
at like 1:45

pretty good song


This is a nice song you have a lot of very good riff.

I like the little guitar fill at bars 10-11

The bass at bar 26 is great

The chord progression in the Chorus is very interesting
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A far as metalcore goes, this is brilliant.

Nothing wrong with it really as far as I can tell.

The intro riff is fairly metalcore, but that is to be expected considering it's a metalcore song

I love the riff you have in bars 10-11, it makes it less metalcore and more unique. I really like the verse riff, it's really good. The chorus was great, really melodic, and not just powerchords like most metalcore choruses

Not much else I can say, good job.


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The beginning is good. I'm a fan of metal-core hehe . The drums in the verse are good but they could be better!. The ending lead in the first verse is awesome!. The Chorus is amazing! and I can imagine lyrics rap around those bars hehe. Bridge is sweet but my I lose interest with the intro and verses B and Verse B part 2 plus the interlude. The drums on those parts can really spice it up. Anyways 8.5/10 Great Work

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Great stuff, man. The intro and first verse parts were a little dull, besides the lead out, but the verse b riff was great. And the bass leads at the very end at of the verses are awesome. The chorus is great as well. It's a far more unique progression than you can usually find in metalcore, and it shows that you actually care if your bassist gets bored, unlike most metalcore. Haha. I'm digging the first part of the bridge, but the second part just isn't agreeing with me. And the interlude, despite being a variation of the intro I didn't care for, was awesome. I think you should make it longer.

that was so awesome
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The Necropeadophile lyrics are great. It has such a bouncy rhythm, like a twisted nursery rhyme.
Eh, this was just a little dry to me. The intro was slow, well the whole song was kinda slow. And I didn't really get that, "Wooh". Moment that makes me wanna get up and move. Its solidly constructed music just the verses need a bit of work. And no breakdown? Thats a first. =D

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Intro's a pretty standard affair. Pure Metalcore there mah son. You write some cool bass parts so why not add some bass into the intro aswell?

Verses are hella cool. I really like what the bass does underneath the guitars. It's not your standard metalcore verse with the melody and bass aswell. Good job!

First 2 bars of the bridge are good but the next part I just don't like at all, I'm sure it sounds better with vocals but it just sounds out of place to me here I'm afraid.

No breakdown? Scacrelidge for Metalcore

Over all it's solid songwriting! Just seems a little short and bland in places but It could be a very vocal driven song for all I know.

6.5/10 Overall! Good effort. Now...C4C :P

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Intro's a pretty standard affair. Pure Metalcore there mah son. You write some cool bass parts so why not add some bass into the intro aswell?
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Ah, good question, my bassist actually loves the fact that i write good parts, but sometimes, just sometimes, he wants the bass to follow the rhythm or their to be no bass at all, i guess, like, a breathe of fresh air?

Yes, poop.
i know u like
children of bodem
as i lay dies
and i heard a little BFV

sounded really amazing

i'm gonna say 10/10 since its the most decent song i've heard in while
besides mine

you knew what u were doing for all the instrument parts. Drums and guitar were best

tips// use more volume control(cresendos, decresendos) and more bends/slide

very nice