Ok, so I've got a fender frontman 25 R.
I'm finally looking to trade up to a tube amp.

I've been looking for just the right one. I pretty much play anything from clean, to just messing around with metal, but not seriously. A lot of blues, but just looking for a good all around amp. I can get pedals if I need more of something.

My roommate has a Peavey Classic 30. I've played it and I dont know, everyone says its the best thing since the strat body was invented, but I think its just average.

I havent tried many yet, but heres what I've been looking at of peoples ratings and stuff.

Crate V3112T, probably wont get this
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, I'm liking this
Peavey Delta Blues, but I want something more versatile
The Blues Jr., but I think I want a few more watts.

I dont know, are there anymore choices?
I think I'm leaning towards the Hot Rod...
What's your price range, can you go used? For what you want the classic 30 would be a good choice, but you don't like it. The crate might be a good choice if you like it, the others ones could never pull off metal, even with an overdrive.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
A crate V series can do the trick, but it's also a matter of taste.

The Delta Blues is basically a Classic 30 with tremolo and a 15 inch speaker (or 2x10).

You want something like an F-30 or a Laney PTL/AOR.
The crate VC3112T is sweet, but try to find one for sale. The hot rod has bleh overdrive, the Classic 30 is a great all rounder, and the Delta Blues is a classic 30 with tremolo and more speaker face (two 10's or one 15 compared to one 12). The blues jr suffers from watt envy if it sees a HRD and get's more bitter than a prom date with a zit... JK

Seriously - they are all good amps but if I were faced with this dilemma, I would seek out a VC3112t. None of the amps are "metal" amps by any means but all are great rock amps with respectable cleans.
You are playing a lot of blues so maybe the HRD is for you. It has amazing cleans. It has a terribly weak drive channel though so you may want an overdrive to put in front of the clean amp. And I thought the Delta Blues was great for blues and very versitile.
^he is right the hrd's overdrive is horrid. im trading mine for a c30

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I always hear about some random people with Mesa Boogie's, but I dont know much about them. They must be good, but rare. Any thoughts?
i dont get it, if you want lower watts than the blues junior why get a HRD?
any who, if you want a good amp that is versatile i recomend those egnators, it falls short on a few things, but i would say, i like it better than the HRD or C30.