ok i was fidling around on windows media player and yea i figured out a way to make it easier....
first of all you need the actual song on windows media player...then put the skin in full screen mode(it dosent actually fill the whole screen) and click on your song and pause it so you can listen to thw whole ssong....now in the bottom right corner ther should be a small round button with an arrow pointing down and right....RIGHT CLICK IT... and a box should come up that says,,,file,,,veiw,,,play,,,tools,,,help,,,and show full menu bar put your mouse over play...another box will come up...now put your nouse over play speed...it will say


clic slow

play your song...if the guitar part is still unhearable...
you may want to change your balances...
RIGHT CLICK THE SAME ARROW AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT and then put your mouse over view...then put it over enhancements and click graphic equilizer...fiddle around until you can hear the guitar clear....
i really hope this helps

plz comment
there are programs that do that for you, but this is still a good way to do it i guess. a program would still be easier i think.
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This feature know by a lot of people. It is not hidden.
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