The title speaks for itself, and i'm so happy. It was on trombone, so you know. They already have a crazy awesome senior bassist (I'm a freshman) and only two other trombones (out of 4 spots) trying out. I had to play a b flat scale as high as I could go (two octaves), a piece I chose (an exercise from my book), two songs he gave us (The way you look tonight, Lover man) and some random sight reading exercise. My spot is almost assured, a big improvement from my massive fail last year, where my hands were so shaky (from nervousness) that every note sounded tremolo. So yeah, just want to the pit to know.

If your gonna a be a hater and rant about how no one cares, go elsewhere.
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You nailed it with your tromboner!! Good for you!
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Good, I would have pulled a Billy Sheehan if it was bass or a Paul Masvidal if it was guitar, but that's just me lol.
Too bad things will be awkward now.

Nah, nice work.
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Way to go bro.
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Lol, I'll congrat ya man. We're also playin "The Way You Look Tonight" in our jazz band. And on the alto sax, that section with the key change is pretty awesome.
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You don't go to the same school as I do, do you? Nevermind, you ohio man.
I Want One!!!

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