"tanya come down from that cliff!"
I thought if she fell she may only sprain a wrist,
dislocate a knee,
nothing serious,
she was never serious.
"tanya i am SERIOUS. this isn't funny! do you think this is funny?"
truth be told she was actually very funny.
the way she would insult herself and laugh hysterically at whatever flaw of hers she had happened to point out.
"tanya if you fall and die i will have nothing!"
that wasn't true,
i'd have a great barstool story to tell,
an icebreaker,
a reason for people to dish me sympathy.
"tanya! tanya?"
i knew what she wanted by now, but she wasn't going to get it.
"whatever, fu.cking jump!"
she wanted me to run and careen her back to safety,
be the hero,
i'm no hero.
"i'm not going to be your savior"
i ran and pushed her over the edge and
she fell square on her neck,
thats my sort of humor.
yeah i definitely understand that. ill probably remove it if i cant think of anything else for that.
I don't think you delivered that last line the way you wanted to.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching