Well, today I got home turned my 5150 on and left it on for like 3minutes then turned on standby. So, then I looked in the back after playing for a few minutes to see how much my tubes were glowing. They were that much, UNTILL i realized something. I only see 1orange glow. WOAH!!! ONE of my tubes FELL OUT! So, I unscrewed the back off and put it back in its little spot where it goes.

But I have a question. Could this damage it(tube)? Its glowing now and there were no dents or stratches on my tube. So, is my tube and amp okay?
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Hmmm, was it your sweaty balls? Tubes and sweaty balls just don't work well together.

Nah, it wasnt my sweaty balls. It was probably from me carrying it to band practice.
How does it sound? That will answer your question right away.
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If you don't notice any tone loss and the tube isn't microphonic, you're good.
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Okay, cool. I just wanted to make sure that its okay, I'd probably like cry is my 5150 got f^xked up.
Running with a tube won't hurt an amp unless you do it for an extended period of time. The things are a lot tougher than people make them out to be.
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Nah, it wasnt my sweaty balls. It was probably from me carrying it to band practice.

Carrying it...mine weighs a ton, unless you are super human...