ive been playing like 6 months on an acoustic need an elecric. im mainly a punk guitarist. Im looking on buying an ibanez rg and want to kno a cheap, good amp to get. any tips?
i don't know what specific amp you should get, but mainly just two suggestions

1. don't get a line 6 spider III amp no matter how tempted, they are pieces of crap targeted towards newbie guitar players. This is because they look all good because they have all of the presets and stuff, but any amp can do that stuff and better, all it has a presets for gain.

2. get a 30 watt. This is basically because it is more than a 15 watt which most starter amps are, so if you plan on jamming with a friend you can be audible. afterall, most of the fun is playing with someone else
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On 200-300 bucks?


Don't even bother buying something at this point, you're not going to get anything even half decent. If you wait and save up...say 500-600 dollars, you'll be able to get something at least acceptable. It won't be a great guitar/amp combo, but better than what you can get on the kind of budget you're suggesting.
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Buy one at a local pawn shop. Try it out. I saw a Marshall half stack for $300, and it worked like it was new. The one I have right now is a Fender Performer 100 watt tube amp for $100. OK so they may be hot but who cares???
Get a Crate V18 or V33-212. They're tube amps, they sound pretty good stock, and with the right mods, they'll sound great.

It'll more than likely keep you happy with it until you save up the bank to swap out the stock speakers for greenbacks or v30's, something alone that line.

Better than getting some Marshall MG crap for the same price. The Crate is an amazing deal.
Peavey Vypyr! Loads of tones that you can experiment with to find your style! And its at the bottom end of your budget! ($199 for 30w)
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If you're looking for a head/cab combo, you could do worse than try and track down a used Carvin. They sound pretty fantastic, all in all, for the price you wind up paying.

I got an x100b 100 watt tube head for $319, but i've seen them going for as little as $200 online and (for $250) at musicgoround...and I've never had a hard time picking up cheap-but-good-sounding 2x12 or 4x12 cabs used on craigslist ... & later you can always replace whatever speakers in the cab with Celestions or something if you want to improve your sound...

basically, if you get a good amp to start, you can always upgrade your cab later if finances allow. dunno if that works for you, but it's how I manage.
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i want to kno a cheap, good amp to get. any tips?

Search craigslist for a used PV Classic 30 (or 20) or Blues Jr and od pedal if you are in the US. Maybe a Crate Vintage Club series 20 or 30 watt'r.
The Kustom HV30 has gotten good reviews. It's a hybrid combo amp that has more than a few effects and voices and has a headphone jack.
plus one on the Crate V18 there so f'in cheap new its not even funny.
These amps are meant to be modded cause there so cheap it would down the road feel like a 600$ amp with a few cheap mods.

Tubes, speakers, and reverb tank.
Thats ganna cost you what, 200-250$ tops, thats 350-400$ total.
Then after that all you need are pedals, starting with a good overdrive 80$.
your set, and a noise suppresor 80$.

But for now with good EQ its passable at its 150$ price and could do what you want it to, it would just be better to get a OD right away.

Stock its no worse than a valveking, and for the same money of a valveking IMO youll have a better amp even after the VK has been modded.

IF you can get the 30 watt version, the 18watter can handle backyard stuff and small venues like Chain Reaction or the Alley(think80 to 150 PPL).

But if you want to save up untill you have 400-700 dollars to get something considerably better.
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Crate V33h. 2 12" speakers that fit your budget. build yourself a cab. OD pedal with the rest of your $.

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