No matter how old you are, your never to old to do something for Halloween

So, pit,

What are you guys doing? (i.e: dressing up, parties, egging houses, whatever)
Probably sit inside with a glass of red wine watching the first series of Black Books.

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


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in the case that i don't have to work, i'll be at a party, eating candy while i get drunk so i can puke colors on some fat chick.
Too.... many... halloween threads.....
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Green, because a vest has no sleeves.

Can't we all just get a bong?
Getting drunk, dressing up and handin out candy to the little kids at the door.
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I'm gonna go buy a monkey suit and mask

and live in the jungle
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Actually we call it 'Halloweed'
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i'm going as a ninja and hiding in the dark and scaring little people. then i'm trick or treating and getting a shitload of candy.
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i'm going as a ninja and hiding in the dark and scaring little people. then i'm trick or treating and getting a shitload of candy.

Haha nice, I'm just using a gasmask and walkin around with a couple friends, gonna cause some trouble like every year
I have to march in a half-time show in my school's marching band... no parties or anything planned for afterwards.
I'm taking a picture of my face, making a mask out of it, and going as myself.

I'm also going to be a serial killer.
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Gonna go take my goddaughter trick-or-treating and then afterwards maybe/hopefully out on a date.

Believe it or not I'm going as a car mechanic. Opinions? I need some.
getting my laser pointer and having some fun with that, i'll prolly convince my friends to buy some as well
i'll be dancing naked around a big bonfire and getting drunk afterwards
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Alcohol. MINUS THE BEAR LIVE (w/ alcohol). Alcohol.
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