My question is has this ever existed?

This is a photoshop of a normal single cutaway les paul. But has something like this ever been built?
early electric guitars looked like that but they were semi-hollow bodies. they had f-holes or a soundhole in between the pickups

edit: i cant think of a single way that that would be an improvement on the cutaway version. itd just be heavier and have less high-fret accessability.

edit2: its also not as appealing to the eye IMO

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semi-hollows and full hollow bodied guitars have had designs like that. of a solid body, i have no idea.
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lol idk I thought it was kinda cool looking in my mind. Maybe not so much now that you make mention of all the negatives.
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Yeah. It's called an acoustic guitar.

i was thinking the same thing.
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I dunno about it being so totally gay. I mean, its more tone real estate. I dunno, I'm a big guy so weight really doesn't matter to me pretty much at all. Seriously, I played baritone sax's for 3 years, now THATS a heavy instrument.

I remember this kid complaining to the guitar tech at sam ash once that it was too heavy. So I looked at the kid and just shook my head. Then I walked over and picked it up with one hand xD

I honestly want to build this thing now, just to see what its like...

An acoustic paul. Maybe an autistic paul lol
Negative on the no cuts, but a double cut 24 fretter is nice
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A dread-paul. A les paul divide by 0 cut...

can't think of anything funny. Sorry guys
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sustain for weeks?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I do believe that a "no-cut" Les Paul has existed at one point. If I'm not mistaken, Jimmy Page actually had one, or still does. Not too sure, exactly.

I personally would want one, but for reasons unknown to me. Upper fret access would be horrible, though I do like the idea of "sustain for weeks".
I'd be careful putting ideas like this out, Gibson may just build one.

*feels sick remembering the Reverse V*
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I almost want a Semi Hollow like that Because it looks like an Acoustic.
If they did make that, it would be for jazz mainly, or an 'electric chord box'. You wouldn't be able to reach those high frets easily, which is nice for jazz and chords, but for pretty much anything else, it wouldn't be too nice.

But if I played jazz more than I normally do, I'd get that.
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It would make a good slide guitar and I too think it looks pretty cool.
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looks kinda cool, but i would sell it as soon as i tried to solo past the 12th fret.