How can I motivate my band to get more real with our work.

We have 3 new members so we're full and I'm planning on make this band rise like crazy. We have a few songs and stuff but I want to work as a band who only works on a song for a few days or a week or 2 and then puts it up and moves on. I want to have practice alot too. We also need to start planning for our first gig. We've been together for a year and no gig yet....

I think we have alot of potential but we just need that extra push.


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well considering youve been together for a year, kudos.

hold a band meeting, let them know how you feel. go post fliers around town as a band looking for gigs. maybe start recording some of your practices, not only to hear what you sound, or make a demo, but just to motivate your band to play.
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You can try adopting a "drill sergeant" attitude towards the others. Anyone who slacks off doesn't get their say in writing a song a certain day.
If your band is doing work and making good songs then I don't know how else you can motivate the band, maybe if you booked a show you can explain to them that you don't want to look stupid during it and to get more practice with your songs.
On a counter to all this maybe the people your working with just aren't into it as much as you and don't care much for where the band is going. Try asking them about it?
Other than that I'm not to sure what else you could do.
tell them. if you dont emphasize what you want out of a band it will go nowhere. tell them to get serious or they can use the door... or garage... whichever. but seriously. even call for a band meeting. no instruments if thats what it takes for them to pay attention.
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Go ahead and call me mean, but I have to be honest here.

The sad truth: If you guys have been together for a year, don't practice enough to have more than a few songs, and have not played a single gig.....

.....You need to find a new band.

Because these guys obviously have NONE of the determination or interest that you do. And there's no way to give it to them.....they either have that internal drive, or they don't, and no amount of badgering, promises, or big thoughts can get them to put in anywhere near the time you would like.

Start a new band from scratch or join one with the same ideals as you. That's the only way you'll get close to getting that "extra push".

(Also, not to really discuss at length here, but you should be careful about how much practice you demand/expect of others. Even the most successful musicians now once had day jobs and a bit of a life before they "made it"....you know, so they wouldn't starve or go crazy before that happened.)
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You first have to find really motivated members. People that will take a bullet for the band. That was the problem with my first band. I was the only one who was really motivated the other six guys didn't really wanna be there so it failed. Now I'm with a band that's dedicated to their cause. Another thing that will help is if you wanna advance in songs or something you gotta practice with sections at a time for say lead guitar and rhythm guitar then add bass then practice with drums. If it's complete chaos at practice with everybody then you need to practice only sections. Next is write a song that's really good. Our band has written lots of songs but only a few have withstood time because they are memorable and so inspiring that we can't stop playing them and practice wouldn't be satisfying unless we played that song, which has happened on occasion.

Well good luck.

One last note. Lots of practice isn't always the key. The more time you spend as a band together the more chance of hating each other goes up. I'm not saying that it will happen but it does happen which is why so many bands break up. I would recommend at least 1 day a week to practice. You can do more but I wouldn't really advise it unless you have a show in a few days.

Once again good luck with your band and I wanna see your shows on youtube.
Agreeing with a lot of this...

For a band to be successful, you need to define success in a way that suits all of you. That means establishing goals for the band that you all agree to. If you want to get signed, success means writing great songs, promoting the hell out of everything you do, making a great demo, and building a name for yourself. It may well, in time, mean all of you committing to leaving your family, friends, jobs to relocate in a music city. For us, success means writing great songs, recording a great CD or two, and playing locally about once a month at some decent venues and events. You all need to be on the same page.

Secondly, you all have to agree where the band lies in terms of everyone's priorities. If your goal is to get signed, then the band has to be your #2 priority, only behind finishing high school. It comes before friends, girlfriends, drinking, video games, part-time jobs and everything else. For us.... our families and jobs come first. The band roughly ties with friends. We commit to a regular schedule, and change it if family or work require it. As long as you're all on the same page, it will work. We've been together for about three years now.

So, have a band meeting and establish these parameters and have a frameowrk/working agreement that you can all live with. If this is impossible to establish, leave, or consider getting rid of someone. If people talk a good game, but demonstrate they are unable or unwilling to follow through with this agreement.... same thing.

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