dunno what section to post this under so... I saw how much stuff you need for live performances and it got me thinking that what if we just wanted mics and stands to sing into, what would be the best thing to do for the mics. Use amps? or is it worth investing in a PA system at the moment.
Guitar Gear and Accessories might be able to help you better.

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Good luck finding the answer.
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Also to answer your question: don't bother. Every venue worth playing at will have some kind of PA system. Even if it is only enough for vocals, such a venue would be small enough to run guitar amps, drums etc. unmiked.

The main reason you would want something is for rehearsals. If you have a spare guitar/bass/whatever amp then just run a mike into that. If you need to run more than one mike get a small mixer (behringer make decent quality, well priced stuff in that area). If you don't have a spare guitar amp or it isn't powerful enough then get a cheap keyboard amp or a powered speaker. The power you need depends on how loud you guys are, but I'd be suggesting in the 100-200 watt region.

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El cheapo solution:
1. Go to www.ebay.com
2. Search ''Powered Speaker''
3. Find ''MaxTurbo'' (about $100 for a 10'' and $120 for 15'')
4. Pay them and get it delivered to your door in 3 days
Thats what I did with my electric drum kit (I'm a guitarist but like to muck around on drums) the speaker has a mike input and a link for another speaker. Have fun..