Now I'm a very generous person whenever I have something that I can give that I dont need myself. But since I'm always broke, I especially like doing things that would be de-meaning morally to some people, for a worthy cause that you KNOW is going to make a positive difference in someone's life (help raise money for treatment, help them out with bills, help a local shelter etc.)...because I'm a bastardized exhibitionist with no shame, so UG, tell me what would you do for a worthy cause?

- I'd go streaking down my old high school's hallway with every student on the side of the walls throwing tomatos at me, going from one end to the other.

- I'd also be willing to be thrown in a dunk tank of rotten meat...but it would have to be liquified or at least ground, for safety reasons, (I dont want to fall into a piece of meat that has a bone sticking out of it or frozen pieces of meat and...yeah) for more than 4 hours.

- I'd shave 3 or more people whole, period. Ass and balls/vagina included, as long as its REALLY worth it.

- I'd kiss a horse/donkey 10-15 times.

Yes I'm a very...disturbed person to have thought of this...but I'm bored at this hour...soooo, tell me UG, what would you do for a worthy cause? Worthy causes again are, to help people with medical treatments, raise awareness for diseases, help local shelters, help foster kids find parents etc.
-Go to Church wearing a Slayer "God Hates Us All" Shirt. Don't know what kind of cause tho...

-Eat alot of pies.
You, sir, are the next Bono
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This, stockylachy, if i was a woman, i would want you to have my babies...

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You, sir, are the next Bono

I'm sorry but that's just really funny.