Some Vix spilled on my Gibson Flying V and I was just wondering if it would do any harm to the fretboard?

I barely found out and its probably been sitting there for a couple days.
Yeah thats pretty much the first thing i noticed

I cleaned it all off now, but i had to take the strings off and i wont be able to get a new set until tomorrow maybe, so I was mostly concerned that it might have damaged it
What's a Flying V fretboard? Rosewood, even if vix could stain, which I don't know if it does or doesn't, I doubt you'd be able to notice. I realy don't think it will effect it's playability, I'm pretty sure the only thing it could have done is give you a very minty smelling guitar...which I'm not so sure is a bad thing.
One of the major components of Vicks is an oil. Rosewood is an oily wood to begin with, and you should oil it regularly. I would be more concerned with what you cleaned it with. Apply some lemon oil tonight, and again before you put new strings on, and you should be fine. If you can't see a color difference or stain after the first application of lemon oil, I wouldn't be the least bit worried. The smell will dissipate.
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ok thanks, aside from the smell, there doesnt seem to be any other thing the vix might have done.

So alls good