Found at my bands myspace, www.myspace.com/bvpmusic

Lyrics/Harmonica by my friend Schuyler Fogle,
rhythm guitar/lead by me Lucas Crouse
and other rhythm player is Austin criswell

tell me what you think, i'll crit your music too

Ganja Boat Driftin' takes the cake by far
I could sit and listen to that one.
That ones very good.
Haha! Awesome. Thanks for the comment! i agree, it's 1 of my favorites we've made lol. 1 of the first ever!
The singer must be a Robert Plant/Zep fan eh? Good rock song dude. Very greasy and groovin'. Only improvement's that I can think of is bringing both the rhythm guitar and the drums in the mix a bit, as the rhythm guitar(left side) was barely audible.
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Well, I'm not too sure, but he listens to any old blues player from 20s up to now, hes the best harmonica player i've ever met lol
Thats so ****ing funky and cool :O and some bluesy stuff here and there! I can actually here som Joe Satriani! Thumbs up great job! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=981578 Crit my project?
Thanks dude. I checked your music, you're awesome at guitar, sound like you've been playing for a long time. thanks though! peace