I play indie rock music. (Arcade Fire, Attack In Black, Bloc Party, The Forecast) and I need a cab and head for under $1000 CAN. I also play more mellow clean indie music like Feist. So I need a cab and head that will give me some crunch but some sweet cleans that are rich. I DO NOT WANT A MARSHAL!!!!

Grab a nice used Fender combo and throw a 2x12 under it and grab yourself a nice OD to get that crunch you're after.
Fenders have great cleans, some of the amps are a bit darker and some are a bit brighter - but Fender is pretty much the "amazing cleans" staple amp. However, they tend to have a pretty crappy overdrive channel which is why I recommend using a nice OD with it.

Check out as many combos as you can (seeing as Fender makes very few heads) and after you find one you like try to find yourself a nice used one... Fender combos are probably going to run you between $700-1000 CAN new, which is why I suggest looking for a used one.

Then grab yourself a nice little 2x12 combo if you need more headroom and sound displacement.