Here are some tabs for a couple of my bands songs. All of 'em are a bit different but please give them a look. I would also appreciate it if someone could record good quality WAV's of these for me. My computer has an awful sound card and records the songs at 0 volume. If anybody could do that, it'd be great. Anyway, here they are.

Hour of Contempt
The newest one, it's not finished but it's getting there. There will be more song between the post-chorus part and the 5/8 tapping bit.

Untitled (MP_2)
My guitarist actually wrote nearly all of this one. It's a stripped down instrumental with a bluesy vibe to it. Check it.

Dream Eater
One of the first songs we wrote, yeah I know the time sigs are screwed up but I'm way too lazy to go change them, hahaha.

Please tell me what you think. I have a few more that I'd love to get feedback on.
It's not really "supposed" to be anything in particular, but yeah we do listen to a lot of tech metal.
Love it.
The untitled song is great. It hits the spot and has a good rhythm to it.
I didn't listen to all of "Hour of Contempt", so I can't say anything about right now. I'll be back for this song.

"Dream Eater" is awesome. Mixing tech death, post-hardcore, and prog is a daunting task, but this song shows it can be done. Some parts remind of Quo Vadis, others of Dream Theater, and the chorus has a lot of The Receiving End of Sirens sound to it.
I'll do a more detailed crit of this later, since it's really good.

C4C if you would please.
I must warn you, my pieces aren't as epic (or even cohesive) as yours.
Thanks huevos. It's funny that you mention TREOS; they're one of my favorite bands but I didn't start to listen to them until well after we finished writing this song. We definitely try to combine a lot of different elements and styles (not so much consciously sometimes), so it's great to hear that they're cohesive. I'll give your tracks a listen here in just a bit. If you'd listen to Hour of Contempt that'd be awesome. Thanks for the crit.

P.S.: I'm going to go back and add GP4's to the zip file.
Dream Eater- very freakin' cool! It's original, and I really love the melodies, it's got a a cool vibe, I like Gtr enters

Hour of Contempt- very cool rhythm. I love Ending Tapfest

MP_2- sounds like it's inspired by One by Metallica. It's my least favorite of the three, but I still like it. The guitar solos my favorite part.