Hey guys I'm about to buy a new amp. I've been looking at a vox ac 30 a dr z maz 18 some fenders and this gibson goldtone,

I play mostly indie/alternative music.

I really need some help, because from what i've read the super goldtone is a great amp, but i've never tried one (i'm trying it out before i buy it luckily), but i was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this amp, and if i could get some feedback on it.

how does it sound?, how are the cleans?, any problems you know of?, etc.
really just any info you have on this amp.

and the big question, should i get it or consider another amp? (in your opinion)

I had a GA-30RVS, that I really liked. It didn't have all the features of the "Super Goltone 30". But it was a stereo Class A pumping 30 watts from 4 el84s. Also very simple controls. Volume (with a push pull boost), Tone, Reverb, and a bright switch. It also had an effects loop. I liked it better than the AC30 I almost bought. It was very loud, and had a footswitch that had reverb and overdrive on it. When I gigged with it, I had lots of other guitarist complement its sound. It had nice bright cleans and was great when overdriven. It actually ended up being too loud for me, to get the sound I loved from it meant drowning everyone else out. That's the only reason I sold it. I would recommend it to anyone, even though I don't think they are being made anymore. I bet you could get one for a bargain...it's a little known gem.
I Gibson amps.