currently, i'm in the market for a new head and cab. well, i got my heart set on the bogner uberkab. might even get a custom made cab with the same celestion X speaker design. i play 100% metal through a jackson kevin bond in drop C standard. i need an amp that i can play at low room volume and will crank like hell. i just got rid of my 6505 because... it sucked. actually it doesn't... it just doesn't sound good until you crank it, then it sounds saturated past volume 4. what i need is a ultimate bone crushing metal amp. something that has some serious bottom end, good mid punch, and ear bleeding pinch harmonics. some of my band inspirations... morbid angel, suffocation, obituary, at the gates, dimmu borgir, vader, old metallica, slayer... here's some of the amps that i've tried. unfortunently, they didn't have a decent cab to jam through.

1. bogner uberschall(played through 2 X 12 diamond... my favorite so far)
2. engl se( played through a marshall 4 X 12 V30 cab... good tone not woth the money)
3. soldano 100( good amp... too pretty)
4. diezle eistein( killer bone crushing tone, sounded like hell at low volumes)
Given the bands you listed, snag a JCM800 a proco RAT, and an attenuator. Ultimate late '80s early '90s metal tone.
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Quick note, drop C standard doesn't exist. There's drop C and there's C standard, but no drop C standard. I'm guessing you meant drop C.
The Uberschall with Uberkab will definitely do the trick for bone crushing metal... if you like it that much and have the cash to burn I'd go for it.
EDIT: the two posters below me make a good point, an attenuator will vastly improve the sound at low volumes. Get a THD Hot Plate.
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get an attunator and buy the amp that sounded best, even when cranked.
i wish i had the money to spend on a nice ass amp id probly just get a mesa boogie tho tripple recs are nice
but id go with the ubershall
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Standardly, Drop C?

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excuse me... standard c. i did have it in drop B, but it sounded mushy. want ever go that route again. mind aswell get a 7 string.

i wish i could jam the uberschall through an uberkab. fvckers aint never got both in stock.

what about the powerball? i can't belive that amp cost more than the uberschall.
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i wish i had the money to spend on a nice ass amp id probly just get a mesa boogie tho tripple recs are nice
but id go with the ubershall

I don't like the harsh fizz of rectos at all, but i've got a Mark IV (With traditional Mesa 412), and it is way too f'ing loud for bedroom levels. Starts to sound fantastic with master at 4 and lead channel at 3 and my GF tells me that beyond the neighbors houses she can hear it crystal clear.
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Why? I have no experience with ENGL, so I can't offer an opinion here. Simply saying "Powerball" isn't much help to anyone.
EDIT: Oh God. Yes, buy the Boner. Please. If only so I don't end up spending money I don't have to buy the most epic amp ever.
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