I have set to upgrade my rig. Currently it's a Peavey Ultra Plus, avatar 2x12 with vintage 30's. No effects. I chose not to use my cheap zoom digital effects in the effects so it wouldn't ruin the signal chain. So it's only guitar-amp-cab.

I am set on buying a tubescreamer, and an MXR 10 band eq. The reverb spring doesnt work too good and the reverb is almost unusable. It's good, but when dimed you can barely hear it. I plan to get it fixed some time.

My most important concern is a delay. If I get a digital delay, it has to convert analog to digital, then back to analog. I feel it would compromise some tone for the delay. Is there analog delays? I couldn't find any. I don't want to spend a fortune, and it will most likely be used.

Second is a chorus pedal. I always find clean channels by themselves sound very bland. I want to get an awesome chimey trebly sound. The treble will come from the EQ and I want to make it nice and ringy with a chorus. I don't know what's good. Again, I don't want to go with digital pedals because it could compromise my tone.

I had my eyes set on an MXR stereo chorus but it is out of my price range. It will still be used.

Thanks !
Try for an MXR Carbon Copy. It's an analog delay and it's probably the best you can get for a relatively low price.
for an analong delay there are a few out there. the mxr CC is great. you could look around the bay for a boss hm-2 or 3. they are hard to come by but from what i have heard they are awsome, its the last analog delay that boss made.
$150 new... Ouch !!

Now I know I will be going used. Still open to more suggestions though

and the boss HM is their "heavy metal" pedal..

I looked up Boss analog delay on ebay and got the DM pedal. that must be what you mean. However it is almost twice as much as the carbon copy on some listings.. and that's used O_O
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yeah i ment the dm lol sorry about that. well they are bad ass, and you pay good money for bad ass not cheep ass
I love my mxr CC for delay, the warm decay of the notes is awesome. The analog delay just adds depth that a digital delay can't but, some come really close, like the Nova Delay. As for chorus you can't go wrong with the Small Clone or my favorite the Boss CE-2. both are analog and they can get some beautiful, lush chorus effects. The Small Clone is going to be easier to find and cheaper ($84) I think, and the CE-2 is a discontinued pedal and i've seen some go for around ($100).

The Small clone was made famous by Kurt Cobain.
The CE-2 was used by Robin Trower i believe.
Delays are expensive, the carbon copy is a steal at 150, it's amazing. I can't wait to get mine.

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i dont why didnt anyone mention the visual sound H2O
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Try for an MXR Carbon Copy. It's an analog delay and it's probably the best you can get for a relatively low price.

Tubescreamer and MXR are pretty good too. Maybe look at a noisegate too. I suggest the ISP decimator