So my amp gives a loud buzzingt sound whenever i have tried to play now, it only started recently. But whenever i cover the space with the input jack and the cable the buzzing stop and my guitar sounds fine? what do you think? Grounding problem? How can I fix it?
Possibly a grounding problem, possibly just dry solder in that area.

Although, try different amp/cable to make sure it's a problem with your guitar before you fiddle.

Firstly, make sure the bolt on the outside of your jack is tight, if it is, take off the cover and check the jack for loose soldering, or damage. If that's ok, make sure your grounding wire is soldered down properly (undo the backplate, it should be under there somewhere, though depends what guitar you have; most will be on that metal plate the springs are on.)

If you're confident about your ability to solder, it'll be pretty quick and easy if anything I've said is the problem. If the jack is damaged and you feel confident about replacing it, go for it.

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make sure you have these two wires connected.

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