So yeah I'm shopping for a new amp, probably 200-300 AUD. Everyone seems to suggest the Roland cube series, which I've never actually played but Ive watched videos on youtube, and read reviews and stuff and it seems pretty good.

I played a Mega PT30R, at my local guitar shop, and liked it very much (the guy says he'll sell it to me for 170 AUD) and I'm going to go to the much larger guitar shop in the city and try out their amps, this weekend. so does anyone have experience with this amp? I know i liked it, but I haven't played that many amps in my time (1 year playing electric) and I'm worried that all the amps are going to sound more or less the same to me. at the moment I guess I'll just get whichever amp I like the most out of the Mega and the ones in the city guitar shop. Anyway, advice?
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I have never heard the mega so I cant comment on that, but the cubes are nice. Also look at the new peavey vypyr's. They have much more versatility and features than the cubes and sound pretty good too!
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