i dont know if this has been done before, but i made a balance board today with some PVC piping and a plank, figured out how to balance on it then made a video of myself playing some of my metal guitar stuff on it.
the video

what do you all think?
not too shabby
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pretty cool. just post pics of your guitar when that pvc pipe breaks and you break the neck off.
will do! i checked it out with another peice and they can hold quite a lot of weight
still seems like itll break easy. *shrugs* what kind of amp do you have and what are you using for distortion?
i am running through the lead channel on my new peavey valveking 212 100 watt tube amp.

full gain, boost, class a/b. oh and the seymourduncan JBJ bridge pickup on my '91 ibanez rg560, to be complete.
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Im gonna say something that pissed off a mod on a forum i recently got banned off of.

*splooge* O_-
wow u have a sweet guitar, and that song sounds mad
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