Interesting intro!
Hmmmm ... I don't really have anything too bad to say about it.
The vox are pretty good. I like the bell ring with the drums.
I do think that the guitar solo is too powerful or something when compaired to the rest of the song, but it does sound good - if that makes sence!


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Thats pretty cool.

I like that little minor arpeggio acoustic solo there in the intro. The rest of the track is pretty interesting as well. Has a very dark atmosphere that lends a manic/insane feel to the track (fits very well with the title). Also, even though you don't list him as an influence, I get a Marilyn Manson vibe from this song (the singing even sounds like him a bit). Anyway, the mix is very well done. All instruments are heard clearly and panned nicely. I also like that fact that the acoustic guitar isn't overly "boomy" compared to most acoustic recordings here. I also like the "lo-fi" like sound you get from the vocals and the clean guitar during the chorus. Very well done dude!!

Perhaps a crit in return?
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Man, I had to look away from the screen to concentrate on your song cause of your avatar!!!!

Liked the intro VERY much. Nice feel to the song overall, the blend of guitars is cool. Like the voice too and would bring it up in the mix a bit.

Nicely done

See my profile, if you want to critic one of mine.

Thanks for the crit everybody

DPClement I'm way ahead of you ^^ I've already commented on both of them about a month ago. I like your stuff.

the avatar is a bit mesmerizing isn't it.lol
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very cool sounding intro, i think the lead electric guitar needs more umph, it sounds totally weak as far as tone. vocals sound good but need to be louder/more full... try multitracking and panning left/right a little bit. great soundign track though, thanks for the crit.
I think the whole song works very well together. I don't know if having the vocals or guitar louder would make it sound any better or if that would upset the balanced of the whole song.
Very very nice. The only real criticism would be with production, not composition nor performance. I would've loved the vocals to be louder and...I don't like the little bell, but that's just personal taste.

If I was to find room for improvement, I would actually say that the guitar solo was a bit sloppy. When I say sloppy, I mean by what seems to be YOUR standards. I.e., I think YOU can do better. It felt to get sluggish at two points. It's still light years beyond my soloing ability so I'm loathed to comment, but I'm hoping it's constructive and helpful.

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    Killer. Love it. Great quality, awesome song. I really have nothing bad to say about it. Vocals sound great, and your profile pic is hilarious. Thanks for checking mine out!

    Man, this is really good. The production is stellar. I for one, liked the little bell haha. It added that eerie vibe that was already going on in the song, along with the vocals.

    I might just listen to other stuff of yours too. And thanks for the crit.
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    sounds cool man, very well performed dude. as people said, they solo is a really solid performance. production is quite good.

    the bell is cool but I'd bring it down a bit, not so much that its completely left out, just enough so that u can acknowledge that its that without it screaming for attention.

    The intro guitar playing is insane dude, good shit. It sounds very natural, although I recommend cleaning up the string sliding noise with lube on the strings/fretboard or try and EQ it out. I also recommend bringing the vocals forward, they NEED to be at the front of the mix.

    the solo is well played BUT... I kind of think some of the fast licks and sweeps don't quite fit to the song... I feel as though its sort of saying "LOOK AT MEEEEE!" I'm just not feeling the solo in context to the song. some bits suited, it sounded like smashing pumpkins meets sweep picking.
    Quote by yoyo9333
    Thanks for the crit everybody

    DPClement I'm way ahead of you ^^ I've already commented on both of them about a month ago. I like your stuff.

    the avatar is a bit mesmerizing isn't it.lol

    Yes it is!

    Darn! I got to be more active here, I am loozing track of what I do and who I comment to


    I have to admit I was a little distracted by your profile picture. But man, you had some infectious riffs in your song. It reminded me of Nouvelle Vague. And that solo at 2:15ish kicked ass, seemed pretty damn technical and spot-on, contrasted nicely with the slower tempo of the rest of the song. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=984182
    I have nothing bad to say about this..it sounded really good overall.
    much along the lines of everyone else the solo was sweet and i thought it all fit together nicely..good job
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