does not playing the muted strings in riffs make much difference in the sound? i've got some gnr tab books and some of the riffs have muted strings.
Muting changes the tone of your guitar, so yes it does make a difference in sound.
Not playing muted strings?

If your not making a sound, it changes the sound only in that there is no sound. So if you are not playing a string that is required in a song, you are changing the sound, but if you don't play a string that is not in a song, you are not.

Now, if a song has a muted string that needs to be played, then not playing it will change the sound (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) but not to the extent not playing a note or changing a note would.
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I bet it'd make a difference with high gain. I'm guilty of muting the low E alot when I strum power chords and the d major chord. I'm sure if someone listed close enough, they'd hear this dull muffled sound getting in there.

If I want a really crisp sound, I try to avoid plucking anything but the ringing strings.
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