I have an SG with the strap pins on the back I was wondering if I could move that up to the horn bit without breaking the guitar or snapping off the little horn bit. Anyone done this before? if so how?
i know it's possible, i remember seeing a gibson one with it there in a second hand guitar shop once but as to how they did it i have no idea, i just PRESUME you unscrew it from the back and screw it on to the horn bit.
If its a Gibson I can't see why you would need to do this and I'd advise you not to. Simply because the neck isn't heavy. But i'm guessing its a heavy epiphone type neck ? I had the same problem with an epi SG, the button is easily moved up to the horn.
it's just really annoying having it there cos the guitar tends to kinda lean forward away from you, so you don't need a longer screw or anything to stop it from snapping the horn bit off, did you put it right on the tip or off to the side?
it's possible, I've done it too. just screw another screw into the horn. use a little screw first, then get it out, and put the right one in it.
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drill a pilot hole that's approx. 1/16" smaller than your screw, so that the screw has some sort of mechanical adhesion. The horn's small enough that it won't break off, unless you're trying to rip it off.. Then that's just silly.