I am considering purchasing a new speaker for my Randall RG50TC, is it worth doing? I mean is the stock speaker in it crap, or is it good? It sounds allright to me, but if it can sound even better, then I would like that.

Also, if i were to buy a new speaker, is it just a matter of unplugging the old one and plugging in the new one, or do the tubes need to be biased for the speaker? Im not to good with tube technology (if you can call it that), i was going to install my new tubes myself, but i wisely decided to have it done by a pro.

Any suggestions would be great. I am probably going to get a vintage 30, i heard another amp with one, and it sounded great, dont know how much of it was the amp and how much of it was the speaker though.

RG's & Mesa's
Switching tubes is easier than changing a light bulb, so you can definitely do that yourself in the future. As for the speaker, as long as the ohms are correct for your amp, the yes, you can just switch them out. V30 is a good speaker.