Hey all,

All my metal oriented guitars weren't cutting it for my recent love of the blues (especially SRV and Hendrix), so I just ordered a Fender deluxe roadhouse strat to keep my happy. I've heard a lot of people say that sticking 11's on these make the texas specials really scream, so is that the way I should go for playing SRV style?

Apparently SRV used 13s...
Yeah...would bending up 2 steps tuned to Eb on 13s not require the power of greyskull?
The power of Stevie Ray Vaughan, yes

He used that size for a while on one of his guitars, which is why I brought it up.

11s should do fine, I'm using them on my guitar (A Les Paul like model tho) and it's pretty much perfect.
Yeah cool, I was thinking 11s would be a nice balance between tone and flexibility.

I've always used D'addario EXL's in the past (after a brief spell with ernie ball's)...toying with the idea of Elixir's for this to see what they're like, any recommendations?
as thick as you can go. if you feel 11's or 12's are the thickest you can play on, stay with them and when you think you'll be able to handle 13's, try them. generally, the thicker the strings the thicker the tone.
interesting, can you recommend any 12s? The types I'm looking at only seem to go as thick as 11s
If you're gonna be playing like SRV then heavier gauge is better, but if you want to be doing "Hendrix esque" bends and such like you'll be better off with 9's.
Quote by Mr E
If you're gonna be playing like SRV then heavier gauge is better, but if you want to be doing "Hendrix esque" bends and such like you'll be better off with 9's.

Yeah well tuned to Eb I have found I can do 2 step bends on 11s without any problems, not sure how that would go with 13s though
elixers feel as if they've been coated in oil, and sound it too. the only good thing about them is that you can keep playing on them before u need to change them for about 5 million years.
but still not worth the sacrifice in tone, IMO.
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On the subject of heavy gague strings...

What gauge and tuning are you used to playing? Drastically increasing or decresing your string gague all of a sudden can damage your tendons and ligaments. Unless you do stretches before you play (and who does?) I think you're going a little crazy. Start with a .10-.46 set, and play that for a couple months. After they start to feel more "normal", then try a .11-.49 for a .11-52 set. Patience is the name of the game to avoid hurting yourself.
I'm mostly playing my Ibanez at the moment, which is strung with skinny top/heavy bottom (10-52) tuned down half a step and I do a lot of playing/bending with my acoustic on 12s (also tuned down half a step), which used to be difficult but now I can bend away with the acoustic no problem. So I don't see 11s being much of a problem on the strat.

On that note, I guess I could start off with 10-52 on the strat and see how it goes
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