I'm currently saving up for an Orange Tiny Terror. I love all the sounds I can get out of it, but the thing that bugs me is that its single channel, non footswitchable.

I would like to be able to go from clean, to a fairly heavy distortion at the hit of a switch. I looked into boost pedals, but it doesn't look like those boost the signal enough to goose the pre amp for that much distortion. I'm afraid of overdrive pedals because I don't want anything that colors the amp too much.

Can anyone recommend a pedal that can do this and not color the amp too much? I want it to sound like an Orange
There's not very many overdrive pedals that will give that much gain. If you want to go from clean to a heavy distortion, you're probably going to want a distortion pedal, which is going to color your tone even more.

I suggest you just get really good with the volume knob on your guitar.
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I don't know if it'll be able to boost the preamp enough to your liking, but you might want to try a flat equalizer with the level all the way up.
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Just keep the amp up and your guitar volume down for clean.
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Fulltone Fulldrive 2 or OCD.
I actually use an OCD or an old ProCo Rat depending on what I'm playing, but generally prefer the OCD for what I do. I've never used an OCD w/ a TT, but I think it would probably make a TT sound even better. BUT-if you want to take a TT from clean to filthy instantly, the FD2 would be better. The FD2 & OCD do not color the sound at all IMO. All this being said, you may want to rethink your amp choice if you want cleans. I don't know that you'd have enough volume for a gig if you set the TT so low that it's clean. Maybe if you used an OCD, you could get enough volume w/o changing the amp's volume. Again, I haven't tried that combo to see if it would work. You'd really need to try it out first.

Edit: Like a couple guys said, getting fast & accurate w/ the guitar volume knob will help, but depending on a number of factors, you may not get the type of cleans you want this way, since you want a heavy distortion sound.
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Maybe try out the Jeckyl and Hyde? That way you have a fairly transparent overdrive, but you also have a heavier distortion sound.

Either that or maybe that Seymour Duncan dual channel overdrive pedal. I forget the name of it, though.
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I forgot what fairly heavy distortion means to you guys... I don't play metal. Anything above classic rock I consider fairly heavy. I don't want "filthy"

Overdrive pedals have given me plenty of overdrive, i just dont want coloring
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I just listened to a Fulltone OCD clip on youtube. Plenty of gain there.

The TT has independent gain and volume knobs. Its not like a VJr or a BH where you need to be quiet for clean.
just buy a pod x3 live and pre-set your sounds into it, ive just bought one for 280 quid and they are awesome i now even run it through a crappy marshall and it makes any guitar sound good
I don't want any digital nonsense between me and the amp. The amp makes the tone, I don't want any digital modulation.
I'm using a Behringer EQ to boost the amp to high distortion. If i turn it off, then lower my guitar volume a bit I get decent cleans.

You might want to get a decent EQ such as the MXR 10 band, as the behringer is very noisy (its ok for the price though).

Also, take a look at the Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic.
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Digitech Bad Monkey, but a good EQ pedal would be better because you could sculpt the clean sound a bit more.