This is what we found, after watching all the young buckethead video's comparing paul gilbert and buckethead, we have ruled out Brian Caroll cannot be Buckethead. We took that newspaper clipping and bucketheads hair style and brians are not the same. We compared Paul Gilbert to Buckethead, Both according to references of websites that they are both 6'4 roughly around the same weight Buckethead was born in 1969(that means he would be thirty nine) and Paul is born in 1967. They both have identical face features as we studied the young buckethead video where hes in the basement playing the synths, and compared the jaw line and everything.
So me and my friend who are major buckethead fans have come to a conclusion, either buckethead is paul gilbert or they are brothers, and buckethead just got put up for adoption. So pit what do you think.

And i checked out paul gilberts offical website and i think its a sham website www.paulgilbert.com check his website out it doesn't seem legit. However i took 2008 tour dates from both websites and lined them up but im not convinced that pauls website is legit, therefore his tourdates being correct may not be.

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Buckethead is Brian Carroll. His family calls him that during his family reunion jam. Besides, Buckethead has some darker, curlier hair than Paul. Speaking of Paul, he's Caucasian, while Buckethead looks a bit more darker than him.