I just need you dudes to tell me if this is worth finishing... i got bored this morning for about 10 minutes and this came out. c4c for sure, let me know. It is just guitars right now, but i can have drums/bass/synth whatever to it by tonight.

It's definately worth doing, I say. The riffs are tight and played well, the progressions in the rhythm work are good.

Only negative things I have for it are that the solo at the end doesn't fit the song, and there are too many harmonies.


I really dig the rhythm work, though.
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its a throw-back joke thing, theres gotta be melodies and shreds, the end thing isnt really a solo, its just for fun, the real solo is going to be so shreddy. plus its an instrumental so its gotta keep the audience captive without lyrics. it will sound more well rounded with drums and stuff instead of just in your face guitaring i think.
Yeah it's worth doing. Personaly I like the harmonies kind of makes the piece dramatic.
You really got some nice rythm playing dude! I would make another solo, thats the only crit, I like tha harmonies a lot so stick to that track and come up with a more fitting solo! and...... ROCK ON!