Hey all i was wondering what effects are used in Joe Satriani's "Up in the Sky" on Crystal Planet. Its a cool subtle warbly effect.....idk if it might be the same as on another track on the album called "Trumdumbalind".....it sounds like a rotary effect to me but in Up in the Sky its a bit harder to know.

thank you
not heard it before so, sorry if im wrong but, subtle warbley sounds can be made with a chorus pedal
yeah i looked at all bunch of chorus settings, but it sounds more phasey so its not really modulated (correct me if im wrong if a phaser is modulation as well)
eeeeerm, you could go down to a guitar shop nd ask to try out lots of pedals and see if any phasers/flangers make the right kinda sound
true...im getting the boss rt-20 rotary pedal for x-mas anyway so ill play around with that