Im selling my black Jackson DXMG with EMG Hzs , and Licensed Floyd Rose. ill go $300 on the guitar and the amp ill let go for 120 obo. The amp is black with the corners , grill, and top plastic cover painted re. it looks pretty cool. Ill put up picture as soon as someone is interested . no trades i just wanna sell .
where are you located? I'm interested in the cube, and can you post some pics of it. I'm located in toronto, ontario, canada btw.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
Hey I'm interested in the amp too. In California btw.
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IM interested in your Cube. I sent you a PM about it too. I would offer 90 bux for it considering you bought it from a pawn shop used already.
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pm me please. i want this guitar. is it flat black or gloss?

gloss if i remember right. I used his axe when i picked up the amp. guitar is in good condition. also good kid to deal with. Thanks again for the cube dude. thing gets the job done nicely

sorry for double posting (god damn no editing)

if that thing was a hard tail id buy it instantly.