I have an Ibanez GSR200L and if someone can please explain to me what the four knobs each do and which ones they are it would be great.

Just play around with each knob as you're playing and after a while you'll get an understanding of how each knob effects your tone.
Google exists... This is the official specs page for it. What each knob does is at the bottom; other specs on the page too.

*edit* ^What Keth said, mess around and see what happens. If you turn one all the way down and you don't get any sound, it's obviously a volume dial, and if the sound loses "sharpness" when you turn a knob down it's a tone dial. Effects work the same way.

Also, good to see some other left-handers around.
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The top two forward and rear knobs are the volumes for the neck pickup and bridge pickup respectively. The lower large knob is the master tone. The smaller knob is the boost control for the Phat II Bass Boost circuit.
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