So i got a riff which is in the key of D double harmonic minor scale.
the notes of the scale is

D D# F G A A# C#

What chords can i use. or how can i bulid the chords from it
i know a bit about chord theory but im still sketchy

i got a nice sounding riff/bridge for a song but i wanna expand it and solo over it

please help im a theroy noob
D D# F G A A# C#

build a chords from the 7 degress of the csale eg. D F A c#
1 3 5 7

Here we have a Dminor major 7 so it works over minor major 7th chords and keep doing it from that
thank you so much

i also just found out my riff has the same noted as the D major scale and D 5th augmented scale
When writing this scale out, wouldn't you write the A# as Bb and the D# as Eb? I was under the impression that you weren't supposed to write an A# if there was an A in the scale already, but rather write it as Bb?
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