I will may buy a small practise amp bcz i am basicly a bedroom player and where i gig they have amps there so i need a small amp

need 40w or under SS

or 30w and under Tube

i play metal and classic rock but it doesnt matters bcz i will use multifx.

tell me


Budget: 400$
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Microcube. Why do you need 30-40 watts for bedroom practicing?
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look it up man great amps.

since you didn't list a budget

budda superdrive 30 212 combo.

but in seriousness Cube or maybe a epi VJ
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the VOX ac15 is great to but its not exactly an amp that will be good for metal, other than that its better than the other two, in my opinion.
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MicroCube would be prefect for bedroom practice. You don't really want 30 Watts for "bedroom" practice.
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