I'm going to order an Avatar cab very soon. I only play small gigs like bars and clubs. My amp is a Carvin x100b and packs a nice punch but my cab is a Marshal AVT cab. Would it be better for me to just get the 2x12 or save more and get the 4x12. Can you give me the pros and cons of either one?
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you should get the avatar contemporary. with a 100w head and 2 speakers capable of 100w u should have a problem being heard in too many situation. plus if u are ever playing a bigger gig u will most likely be mic'd so u wont have to worry as much. and the advantage to only having 2 speakers is that its easier to carry. my band rhythm guitarist/singer has a avatar 2x12 contemporary and a fender 4x12 cab is is planning on selling the 4x12 cause its too hard to bring around and isnt really needed. we play some pretty big gigs and all he has is a peavey classic 30 and we have never had any issues. the 2x12 avatar is an awesome cab. especially since u can choose ur speakers.
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the 2x12 is lighter, cheaper and imo better (cuz the volume difference is nominal, i think)
the 4x12 apparently is a better value, sounds more full, looks cooler

are you willing to carry around a cab that weighs close to 100lbs? if yeah than y not get the 4x12
i just want a 2x12 cuz it's lighter and thus more portable
plus it's smaller so unless you use a gig van or whatever then that's a plus
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as long as the volume difference is negligible, i can deffinately live with having a lighter cab. My current 412 requires caculus in order to get itinto my coupe! 212 it is, thanks!
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2x12 is ultimate.
Plenty of people play bigger venues then you will be playing with a 2x12.
Your back will thank you later.

Plus I think they look plenty cool.
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i`d go 4 X 12, the real Marshall cabs have casters on them so theres not all that much lifting you can just roll it everywhere, my JCM 1960A cab is way heavyer then my nephews line 6 4X12 and wayyyyy heavyer then the 2X12 1936 cab i had... and my 4X12 is so much easyer to move around just because it has wheels and ya it looks bad ass having a 1/2 stack up on stage. and 4 X 12`s sound alot better then a 2X12.